A Beautiful Day


It was just too nice a day today to worry about taking photos, or stepping it out in order to get there, because we needed to be back. The Dog and I set out and within a few steps we were lulled by the soma of the sun, warm on our backs and the almost absence of the recent cold breeze. The air was still and cool as we wandered through a shadowy part of the lane, in fact there were still traces of frost in some colder nooks. The buzzards were mewing over the rookery and the rooks were making a raucous racket in answer. It must be too early for there to be any chicks, I guess the buzzards were just practising. When I came to write today’s episode, I though you might like this picture of a robin for no special reason.

Yesterday, we had to manage without electricity. A hole needed to be dug in the road and so the power must be turned off. Wanting something to do while we waited for a return to civilisation and the ability to produce a cup of coffee, The Dog, Jackie and I ambled down the road, past the Road Closed sign, to the hole with its attendant red and white barriers. There we found two men busy cutting the electricity cables. Where they putting a new wire in? I enquired. No, they were replacing the junction box. It appears that our current cables pass through a box that is over sixty years old and like any sixty year old, it needed to be replaced.

This was something I felt I could identify with.

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