In the morning, The Dog and I set out determined to find something to photograph. The first part of our walk is the drive, it’s about twenty yards long and takes us along the edge of our wood between two banks a tall one on the right and a small one under the hedge on the left. At the moment, the small bank under the hedge is covered in snowdrops. Both the bank under the hedge and the higher bank to the wood have a considerable covering of green shoots. As we walk down the drive we often muse on the eventual outcome of this green petticoat showing from under the wood’s brown winter skirt. Bluebells maybe?  Crocuses maybe? Daffodils maybe?

At the gate, where we have to make the first decision of the day, whether to turn left or right, with our heads still wrapped around the mystery in the woods, we very seldom pay much attention to the roads immediately outside our entrance. It came as quite a shock today to find, right in front of our nose, just across the road a fully open daffodil. I’m almost sure it wasn’t there yesterday.

The word daffodil, is thought to be a corruption of affodell, which is a corruption of asphodel, this word was pinched from the Greeks, but exactly what the Greeks used it for doesn’t seem to be known.

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