Whether the Wether Will Weather the Storm

Weather Vane
Weather Vane

Yes indeed! What’s in a name? Or what’s missing is probably a more pertinent question. Weather has always had bad vibes attached to it and it can be traced way back and still just means a howling gale or a storm. A vane is a corruption of the old word for sail so a weather vane is a sail for catching the wind. More interesting, is the sometimes used ‘Weather Cock’.

Some Pope in the Middle Ages, when most things of interest happened, didn’t seem to have been able to find anything to watch on television. As he sat there, twiddling his thumbs, he realised that the bleeding edge of technology was passing Christianity by. It came to him suddenly, that most churches didn’t have weather vanes. It was decided to immediately issue a thingumy to require all steeples to be surmounted by one. This decision was passed to the legal department to be checked for possible loopholes. It was sent straight back with a note pointing out that, in fact, quite a few churches already had weather vanes, the top of the steeple was the ideal place to put one, as it would be visible for miles up there.

This, of course, was not to be tolerated. Religion of the period held the populace in a fist of iron and good Christians of that era just did not do things before The Pope said they could. The Church in Rome instantly issued a Very Important Thingumy to say that, as Jesus had prophesied that St Peter would deny him three times before cock-crow, the cock was the only thing that a decent church would have on it’s roof – so those who had jumped the gun better get their act together.

I suppose I ought to mention, although I don’t want to cause any embarrassment, that a wether is a ram or billy-goat that has had one of ‘those’ operations.

Whether you choose to believe me or not, is up to you.

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