Not A Snowdrop

Lamb - Just Bored!
Lamb – Just Bored!

Are you ready? You’ve had autumn leaves, you’ve had trains and you’ve had snowdrops. Here we are then with the first of this seasons – drum roll please – lambs! There’s nothing like keeping it seasonal, is there? We were walking down the lane yesterday, between its high banks surmounted by a dense hedge, when we happened to pass a place where the interlocking branches didn’t quite interlock so tightly. Taking a peep through into the field, you never know, mushrooms, rooks, rabbits, we would be interested in anything that wasn’t a snowdrop,  there we saw a few lambs lying around with their mums.

We backed up to a place where the bank was climbable and stood and watched. Well, I stood and watched, The Dog had noticed a line of rabbit scratchings in the bank and begged to be excused. At first all was peaceful, very pastoral in fact. Then, this little guy (three pictures, from left to right) started grumping around, “I’m bored. You lot are no fun. Why don’t we DO something?” He eventually lost interest in the other lambs and when over to one of the reclining ewes and butted her, when that produced no result, he went round and climbed all over a sleeping lamb. He then walked right up the ewe’s back and butted the back of her head, which by this time she had raised, to see what he was up to. He missed his footing at this point and fell off, picked himself up and climbed right back up on her back again. At this point she felt that the game had gone far enough, so she stood up and he slid all the way down her back and off over her tail.

I’m sure if you look at the pictures again now you know the story, it’ll all make sense.

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