Snowdrops Persevering
Snowdrops Persevering

We went all the way round the block today. With the miserable light and the ever present possibility of snow or rain, or even both, with a little hail thrown in for good measure, it’s been hard to conjure up any enthusiasm for a long walk. Yesterday was a really good day light-wise, clear and sunny with a gently breeze. Today wasn’t as good – but it wasn’t that bad either, so we decided to do a quick jaunt round to see if everything was still in place, in spite of our inattention.

I’m pleased to be able to pass on to you, that most of the items on our check list received, at least at ‘C’ for a good effort and many are straight ‘A’s for being on target and coming in under budget. The pine trees are fired up and ready to move as soon as word comes. There are small proto-flowers sitting comfortably in the leaf clusters and the needles themselves are a newly minted green. The beech tree with the low branches that we often pass and finger the leaves, has definite, dark, coppery buds forming at the tips of the branches. It isn’t a copper beech, so I presume that they will lighten up once the weather isn’t so serious any more.

The small beck/ditch that runs alongside the road near the railway tunnel has been cleaned out and many of the overhanging branches have been cut back. During the cleaning out process the silt and sludge from the ditch channel was unceremoniously dumped on the banks alongside the road. This was a little unsightly, but we assumed that once spring arrived, it would all disappear beneath new growth.

And the first heralds of the new growth? Snowdrops. A little dirty perhaps, from having to push through all that extra depth of covering, but there’s nothing you can’t do with a little perseverance.

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