The Right Kind of Snow

The Right Kind Of Snow
The Right Kind Of Snow

The wind was gusting from nothing to the full twenty six kilometres per hour that the forecast promised when The Dog and I set out this morning. Neither of us faced the prospect of traipsing round in semi-blizzard conditions with enthusiasm but, intrepid as ever, off we went. We set ourselves the level crossing as our objective. The road round to the level crossing is relatively sheltered compared to walking the other way. That way takes us between the fields and over the beck, with only a few places where there are trees along the road to provide what windbreak bare branches can.

Down the drive we strode, out of the gate and up the hill. Here, with the hill to shelter us, the snow drifted down in a gentle flutter of confetti. This makes you think that perhaps, the answer to the litter and environmental concerns expressed by places of worship used for nuptials, would be to arrange for it to snow on the happy couple. This would have the knock on effect of encouraging the wedding guests to stay inside the church while it snowed on the bride and groom, thus saving wear and tear on the church lawns. The pigeons, sparrows and the Church Blackbird might miss the rice of course but, too much polished rice in their diet is not good for them anyway.

It shouldn’t be too hard to organise – religious establishments have all the right connections.

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