Summer Is Icumen In

Geese Heading North
Geese Heading North

A bit premature perhaps, but never the less the geese in this picture were flying north. They must know something. They, after all are closely integrated with nature and have the seasons in their bones. As birds bones are hollow, to give them a decent strength to weight ratio, there is plenty of room for all four seasons in there. Of course it could just be that they have been reading about global warming on the Internet and are heading back to see if the ice caps, like those on Mars, have melted yet. The ice caps on Mars you know, are made from something like carbon dioxide or dry ice and so are inclined to vanish, theatrically, in a puff of smoke at a suitably dramatic moment.

These geese were definitely heading back. It doesn’t seem that long ago when there were skeins of them going over, all heading south. Wherever they’ve been, it looks as if they have outstayed their welcome. I should think their hosts must be heaving a sigh of relief – they’ll probably go to bed for a week!

Cloudberry caused much alarm and despondency and a series of fairly fraught adventures for his brothers when he went to Spitsbergen with a flock of geese. It would have probably been about this time of year he set off.

Dr Dolittle went to the moon on a giant moth – I’ve not seen any large moths fly over. I must keep an eye out for one.

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