No Happy Medium

Pheasant On The Bird Table
Pheasant On The Bird Table

Our pheasant has given a great deal of thought to the problem. You see, the various small birds only scatter the seeds that they consider not worth eating on the ground. It stands to reason then, that the best and tastiest seeds must be in the seed feeders. Now we’ve resolved that issue, the solution is obvious and straightforward. To be precise, we need to be able to reach the seed feeders. It’s as simple as that. We just do not want to rely on the crumbs from the table any longer.

That blackbird isn’t too bad, he after all, doesn’t eat that much, but those pigeons! Well, they really make pig-eons of themselves, if you don’t time your arrival to give yourself a sufficient feeding slot before they turn up, I mean, they go through the scattered seed like a plague of locusts.

Even if you stand on the ground and stretch your neck up as high as you can, there really is no improvement. You just risk getting an eyeful of chaff. So then, that’s one solution that doesn’t solve anything. Excuse me, I must just see to this bunch of pigeons, they have no respect for their betters, you know. Now, where were we, ah yes, it seems that no matter what we do we can’t reach up to the seed from ground level, so you’d think that if we were a little higher . . .

Hmmm. . . . It’s not quite a straightforward as you might think.

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