Up Early

Proto Pine Cones
Proto Pine Cones

Some people are morning people, or so I’ve heard. I’m not that fascinated by mornings, myself. I don’t know who said it, but I repeat it here for the younger generation – ‘Early mornings are glorious! They should happen later in the day, so more people can enjoy them’. Generally I find mornings cold and blurry. It’s only later in the day that the fuzzy edges wear off. The Dog doesn’t mind early mornings, but she does come back to bed as soon as she is given the chance.

It must be difficult for a tree. You only get one chance a year to stay in bed late. Ash trees like to lie around in bed and enjoy that delicious feeling that everyone else is up and busy doing all sorts of things – and you’re not. You know, you’ve just a few more clues to sort out in this crossword and then you’ll be ready for anything, maybe you’ll even be ready to start the next crossword.

Pine trees, on the other hand, don’t really ever go to bed, they stay up all winter, just taking a cat nap now and then. It must be boring, being up all night with all the other trees fast asleep. Just standing there waiting, and waiting, and waiting. Is it spring yet? What time is it? Oh, only January. Would anyone mind if I had the radio on? I’ll keep it turned right down.

I wonder if the other trees snore.

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