On The Way Down

Sunset In January
Sunset In January

How would you like 4.1 million euros? Me too! Well, first you need the political clout to get three cities to agree that they agree with you, then you need an app for a mobile phone – not difficult these days, Google and almost everyone else has a thing that makes an app in a few clicks for you. Next you need a pamphlet and a web site that are full of all the current bureaucratic buzz words – don’t worry if it doesn’t make much sense. Now you’re ready to go, and the European Commission will be round begging you to spend their money. The Sunset Project is busy spending the 4.1 million on ‘Sustainable Social Networking Services For Transport’. Great, hey? I wish I’d thought of that.

Sunset is when the sun has just disappeared. This is followed by twilight. Twilight lasts while there is any light left in the sky and then we officially have dusk. Talking about sunset, did you know that it happens before it happens? The ‘real’ time of sunset is the instant that the last bit of the sun disappears below the horizon. There’s a slight problem, because of the refraction of the atmosphere, as it gets closer to that last moment, the sun appears to be higher in the sky than it really is. So, even something as simple and straightforward as the sun setting, is so complicated you can’t actually measure it.

Do we do this deliberately?

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