A Little Sunshine

Cow In The Sun
Cow In The Sun

Off we went this morning, feeling quite cheerful in the sunlight. Yes you read that right, it was a lovely sunny day. The clear skies did have the side effect of a definite bite in the air, not as cold as it was when we had the frost and the icy roads – but it was doing its best. It might have been the coal man doing it deliberately. Those people he delivered to yesterday must be feeling pleased with themselves.

Clicking around on the Internet recently I discovered ‘preppers’, people who are doing the Noah thing and getting in supplies of whatever they consider to be essential. What is essential will depend on which of a range of disasters you believe is imminent. There are plenty to choose from, from ‘Peak Oil’, to ‘The Zombie Apocalypse’ and every letter in between. I’m not sure if having three bags of coal delivered in case winter isn’t over yet allows you to count yourself as a genuine prepper, though.

As we came round the corner we noticed that the front door of the cows winter quarters had been left open. One of the cows was taking her turn in the sunny spot.

She had a mouthful of silage, so wasn’t able to return our “Happy New Year” – but she gave us a nod.

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