The Time Of Day

Just Chatting
Just Chatting

Today we were out walking much later than usual. I’m not sure why. That’s just the way it was. As we were so late setting out we decided to just go round to the level crossing and back. The time wasn’t right for us to be there synchronously with a train so we set out expecting just a short walk – there and back – at a reasonable pace, just for the exercise, not expecting to stop and take photos. Indeed, not even expecting that there would be anything to take a photo of.

There was nothing to take a photo of, our buzzards seem to have drifted father afield and it was too late in the day for most rabbits to be about. At the level crossing – a small digression here: When Chris, Jen and Fin were here last week, Fin wanted to know why it was called a ‘level’ crossing, this is an interesting question as our crossing is obviously not level (as in flat). It’s taken a good few days of searching but Google has come up trumps in the end. The crossing is a level crossing because the road and the railway are on the same level, as against a crossing with a bridge or a tunnel – so that’s another box ticked – back to today, at the level crossing, we decided to carry on up to the top of the hill.

At the top of the hill we found the alpacas in the nearby paddock and noticed that the white one had become a nice shade of Cumbrian-mud- colour, so that’s twenty three, not twenty two, different colours of alpaca. We stopped to chat to a guy checking the electricity cables, he pointed out the lines that he had checked today and the route he had taken – I’d be surprised if he hadn’t walked twenty miles following the wires across country. He told us he had the best job in the world. On our way back, halfway down the hill we found the coal man juggling the sacks of coal on his lorry so that he could lift one on his shoulders easily. I suggested that he must be busy as this was probably his peak season. “Not busy enough.” he replied, “We could do with a nice cold spell!”

It has been quite mild recently.

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