Old Photo

Blackbird-  Old Photograph effect
Blackbird- Old Photograph effect

I took this picture of a blackbird the other day. It was one of those dark days with a low sky and a horizon so close that it made it seem as though we were living in a dirty upturned plastic bowl. The only wildlife we see these days is at the bird feeder. Even here they seem to come in waves. There are days when it seems as if we must have said something to upset everyone. Then a day or so later, we are back in favour and not only the feeder but the ground around it is so popular that the bossiest of our birds are hard pushed to keep the clamouring hoards at bay – or at least in an orderly queue.

There is also a rabbit who has taken to popping in from time to time. The fallout from a burst of tits of all varieties on the seed feeder covers quite an area of patio around the feeder and he often finds the odd morsel to his liking amongst the debris.

Back to the blackbird picture. At first I thought it might make a nice silhouette and I opened it in a photo editing programme (GIMP) to try to make it a bit more, sort of silhouette-ish. I wasn’t really happy with the results and started clicking on various effects to see what happened. I found this one called ‘Old Photograph’. What do you think?

At least it didn’t make the picture any worse and it does capture the feeling of the day.

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