Here’s A Surprise

Great Tit In The Hedge
Great Tit In The Hedge

I really thought that Great Tits only existed round our bird feeder – in the same way that milk comes in bottles from supermarkets. I was quite surprised to see a flickering in the hedge, close to us, as we walked by – and even more surprised to find that I had a decent shot of a great tit. I’m sure that when people refer to point and shoot in camera adverts, they do mean you to have some idea of what you are pointing at.

My modus operandi is slightly different. I see or hear something scrabbling in, or flitting through the hedge. I point and shoot. Quite often this results in a section of hedge or an area of tree, perhaps even a branch or bunch of leaves. When this is transferred to the computer, I can extract hours of gainful employment, enlarging the picture or shrinking the picture and going over it pixel by pixel looking for something that will give me a clue as to why I would have taken this particular shot.

There is, of course, always the chance that some bird, animal, flower or tree would stray into the picture by accident. If the fates have presented us with this sort of opportunity, we are, naturally, happy to take all the credit and to jump to the conclusion that that was actually what we had intended to photograph.

And why not? It might very well have been.

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