Out For A Walk

Out For A Walk
Out For A Walk

When people say you’re going out for a walk, you’d think that you were entitled to expect to walk – even if you’re really not up to doing it without a bit of assistance at the moment. How fair is it to be told we’re going to be out and about, and then to be bundled up until there’s hardly enough of you sticking out to be able to breath – let alone walk. As if that wasn’t enough, this buggy doesn’t have anything that remotely resembles suspension. You can tell that buggies aren’t designed by children. Any adult who was forced to ride round in one for hours at a time would soon fit a decent seat and much better suspension, you mark my words!

The problem really shows itself when the buggy is travelling on exterior surfaces – that rumbling vibration has a hypnotic quality about it and before you know it, however cold and uncomfortable you may be, you drift off to sleep. Is it right to treat a child like this? Children should have more say in their transportation arrangements. How can you wriggle and squirm and jerk around to try to upset the buggy when you’re fast asleep?

It just isn’t fair!

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