Over The Hump

Alpaca - He called out Happy New Year as we passed
Alpaca – He called out Happy New Year as we passed

Well here we are. 2012 is gone forever, never to return. It’s a bit of a shame really – I was just starting to enjoy it. Most years do that to you, don’t they? They start off a bit rough and with quite a few sharp edges but by the time we’ve lived in them a bit and bent the most uncomfortable bits over so they don’t stick into us it’s almost December. Even though our good old year is starting to be a little worn in places it still is comfortingly familiar and we feel a reluctance to remove the old and put on the new. The new year feels a bit coarse and you just know that they’ve ‘improved’ it to the point where all the useful bits have been replaced with things you don’t really need.

You know what they say about the camel? It was a horse designed by a committee. New years tend to be sort of that way to start off with. You feel as though you ought to fill the toes with damp newspaper – or was it boiled potatoes? The exact reason and precise materials escape me for the moment, I’m sure it did whatever it was supposed to do, though.

Now, if you were going to design a camel, for instance. The first thing you’d do is to get rid of the hump. Wouldn’t you?

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