First Foot

Coal Tit
Coal Tit

The various Tits that frequent our feeder are all busy little birds. They hardly have more than a few seconds to grab a beak-full of whatever is on offer and off they go to sit quietly somewhere and enjoy the bounty. This means that, although they are often around the feeders, sometimes in a small flock, they are quite difficult to photograph as they just won’t keep still. We have innumerable blurred and indistinct pictures of something that could easily be a Tit of some kind, perhaps even more pictures of an empty feeder or bare branch, from which the bird has, just that instant, flown.

This is a Coal Tit. He is known as a Fir Tit in Germany because he does so like Fir seeds and Fir trees. Germany, of course has The Black Forest which consists of large numbers of Fir trees (carefully planted in between the beds of gateaux). As far as he is concerned, there is only one reason for his existence. It is his bounden duty to fill up, all and any, nooks and crannies with whatever foodstuffs he can acquire. He seems to make no effort to mark his hoards and doesn’t seem to even bother to remember where he has stashed his cache.

Perhaps, like The Dozers of Fraggle Rock, he needs his store-cupboard raiding, after all, an empty store is just begging to be filled.

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