Once Upon A time

Mountains Floating In The Mist
Mountains Floating In The Mist

Once upon a time, in a place far, far away, beyond the mountains that are beyond those mountains, in a castle on a hill surrounded by a tall hedge of rose bushes, lived a beautiful princess. After all, a castle that far away and behind such an impenetrable hedge must have had a beautiful princess living in it, where else would you find one? As you can imagine, she was living there because a wicked witch had put a spell on her. Luckily, unknowingly, the wicked witch had placed the castle in an area with decent broadband speed.

And so, at this time, we see our princess sitting disconsolately in front of her laptop wondering if adding alternate text to the image descriptions on her Facebook landing page would increase the page hit rate. She is getting a bit desperate – it’s getting on for a thousand years now and still Prince Charming hasn’t turned up. Perhaps using that ‘Singles Over 40’ dating site wasn’t such a good idea – or maybe she shouldn’t have put “Interested in men under 1000”. She is beginning to think that maybe Prince Charming doesn’t have the Facebook app on his phone.

She decides to give the dating site one more try, this time she thinks she’ll go with –

“Bewitching Princess, wanting to let her hair down, seeks Prince Charming  (Sign up for my newsletter and I’ll send you the password for the hedge).”

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