Frosty Filigree

Frosty Filigree
Frosty Filigree

A few Silver Birch, a few Larch and a fir tree tucked in the corner. This view was hiding between two bungalows on the way round to the level crossing. It caught my eye as I went past on the way there, but didn’t really register. On the way back we stopped to have a proper look. It was a little misty this morning – and cold, but there was some sunshine in between the misty bits and sometimes, standing in a sunny spot, you could look around at a wall of mist with the ‘real world’ disappearing into the mist just beyond the edge of the ‘sun spot’.

As usual, we were in a hurry to get round to the level crossing, in case the train came before we were in position. It is a little difficult, with The Dog’s lead in one hand and the camera in the other, to wave to the driver but we must make the effort – I’m sure he recognises us by now. I am a little disappointed that The Dog doesn’t show more interest in the trains but I suppose that, at her level, one set of clanking wheels looks much like another. Perhaps I better start reading Thomas The Tank Engine and The Railway Children to her – just to give her some background.

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