Duck Coming In To Land
Duck Coming In To Land

We live not far from Talkin Tarn, so we pop round there often. It’s a popular spot over the weekend so we try to go other days. With the weather being so bad, we expected that there would be just a few die-hard walkers this Sunday so we broke our rule and snatched a few hours of daylight to go there in the afternoon. Would you believe it – the pushchair brigade was out in full force. It seems that you can’t keep toddlers cooped up any more than you can keep  chickens or pigs. We definitely seem to be a growing a good crop of free range children around here.

You can buy a small bag of duck food from the cafe/tea bar on the lake, sorry, tarn side, and the ducks approve of this facility. Small bundles, wrapped up until they can only be identified by their, mainly, pink and blue jump suits waddle around shuttling from an open bag held in a parental hand, to the waterside – with alternate trips to the swings and slide of the children’s play area. The ducks know that the percentage of the food offered to them and the percentage consumed by the child varies with the intensity of parental supervision.

One child per parent and the ducks expect to do well. Two children per parent and the ducks harvest around fifty percent. Over two children per parent – only the most persistent of ducks will show any interest.

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