Empty Nest

Adult And Juvenile Rook
Adult And Juvenile Rook

I don’t know if it always seems as if there are plenty of rooks around because there are plenty of rooks around or if it’s just because they tend to hang around together in large flocks. At one time they used to be a useful source of food and people used to climb trees to gather the birds out of their nests just before they fledged. There was no point waiting until after they fledged, naturally. ‘They’ say that the only useful meat was the breast meat, some old stories claim that other parts of the bird were ‘black meat’ and shouldn’t be eaten.

There are some adventurous souls who make a practice of looking for old recipes and trying them out. Come the Apocalypse (or the end of the world – pencilled in for December 21st. this year) they will be in great demand. One such leader from the culinary bleeding edge reports that the breast meat is the only meat on the rook so the issue of what you can and can’t eat becomes moot.

The rook here with the white beak is the adult bird the one with no white beak is the juvenile. In autumn, this year’s juveniles and any unattached one year old birds, gather in great flocks to play in the autumn winds – in a sort of eighteen to thirty package holiday.

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