Now you see it . . .

Hills In Scotland Across The Solway Firth
Hills In Scotland Across The Solway Firth

Here we have Scotland dozing in the morning mists. It comes and goes, Brigadoon like, depending on all sorts of whimsies – the phase of the moon, how many days until the end of the world, whether the month has an ‘r’ in it, pressure from Hollywood moguls and their associate tap dancers, old Scottish fairy tales and a convenient bagpiper.

We actually think that this is Criffel, for no special reason, other than for, as all the guide books say, its great isolation and relative height. It isn’t very high, they say, it’s just 570 metres. 570 metres sounds better as 1800 feet and 1800 feet sounds quite high enough to me. Most guide books mark it down as a ‘strenuous’ walk and end with the perennial promise that ‘the views will be worth it, though’. This is, of course, a matter of opinion and will depend mostly how inclement the weather turns out to be by the time you have strenuously climbed up there. Judging by the number of times we look in that direction and can see no sign of it on the Scottish skyline, my guess would be that the odds are not in your favour. People who write guide books only go to places that have warm sunny days with a gentle cooling breeze to make even strenuous walks a pleasure, of course.

Or maybe they do all their research on the Internet without any need to get strenuous at all.

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