Not A Drop To Drink

Ice In Tractor Tyre Tracks
Ice In Tractor Tyre Tracks

Although the roads seem to be free from ice (fingers crossed as I write this) the water lying in the fields has a film of ice on it. Where the water is only a fraction of an inch or so thick – a few millimetres for those whose entire life has to be divided by ten – it is usually quite solid. The interesting thing about ice, of course, is that it is lighter than water, hence the ice cubes floating at the top of the glass rather than sinking to the bottom as, no doubt, they would if they had any sense of style. Just in case you live on that desert island we mention from time to time, ice floats because the same weight of water is larger when it’s a lump of ice – so the same volume of ice is lighter than the same volume of water – so it floats. The really interesting thing is, if it didn’t float, ponds and seas and stuff would freeze from the bottom up, making it impossible for life to survive in the oceans when, from time to time, ice ages wipe out everything that ventured out of them.

It would also make it very hard for Eskimos to chop fishing holes through it.

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