Apple Pie Order

Apples. Yummy!

‘A bad apple’ is a phrase that is easy to understand. But perhaps not. These days when apples, along with most fruit and vegetables come from the supermarket and people who lay them out in the loft, each individually wrapped in newspaper that the newsprint stayed on, are gone into the dustbin of history, along with the expectation that every boy over ten would have a penknife in his pocket.

Not, for one minute, that I’m suggesting that this particular apple was bad – far from it it would seem. It certainly looks as though is has received a vote of confidence from the local wildlife. I didn’t want to touch it, it seemed as if it was hanging on by its fingernails, to look more closely at the tooth and beak marks inside the fruit. I’m inclined to think that the vote of confidence comes from The Blackbird – he is well known for his love of windfalls.

Was this one just so scrumptious that he couldn’t wait for it to drop? It is just too easily accessible, sitting there, just a few feet off the ground, you don’t need wings to reach it, it could be almost anyone really.

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