Ahead Of The Game

Gorse In A Sunny Spot
Gorse In A Sunny Spot

Today’s walk took us round to the sunny side of the hill. Well, over the hill and down the sunny side really. The first important thing, of course, is that it was sunny, so there was a sunny side. It wasn’t by any means warm, but the sunlight gave everything a cheerful glow. We didn’t meet anyone today so there was no stopping to chat – but The Dog did find an exceptionally fragrant pile of horse droppings and had to be forcibly removed from the¬†vicinity.

As we came down the hill we chanced to look across at the fields. A large boggy area round the base of the hill rising to a sandy summit covered in gorse bushes in a smooth vibrant green sweep. The gorse, at this time of the year, while it doesn’t lose all its leaves, does have a distinctly grey cast to it, as the leaves have become quite thin and the thorns have become dark dry spines.

Well, surprise, surprise. There in the middle of the clump, at least one of the bushes had put forth a sprinkle of flowers!

For Dr. Edward Bach (who died seventy six years ago yesterday – 27/11/1936) Gorse was about the return of hope to the hopeless – and very uplifting it was to find those bright yellow flowers twinkling at us in the sunshine.

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