The Misty Mountains

Over The Misty Mountains And Far Away
Over The Misty Mountains And Far Away

To be open and honest about it, we haven’t quite orientated ourselves yet. The sun, should it ever appear, is at such a low angle that it makes it very difficult to know when it is at its zenith – to be able to pinpoint exactly south. Now, I never made it into the boy scouts but I did do a couple of years as a cub. Dib, dib dib, was it? Or dab, dab, dab? I can’t remember now. Still having been young-ish during the Boy’s Own era I do know that if you point the hour hand of your watch (don’t try this with your iPhone kiddies) at the sun then south was mid-way between the hour hand and twelve o’clock, and most obligingly, north was the other way. At least something of the sort seeps to the surface of the brain whenever I worry it about directions and the like.

The Balrog, in his home deep below The Misty Mountains, didn’t really care too much about north and south. Up and down was his thing, down mostly. Orcs of course, just do as they are told. Tom, on the other hand, suffered from the problem (other than dishonesty) a great many amateur musicians don’t seem to be able to overcome. The only song that he could play was Over The Hills And Far Away and there’s no doubt that Pigling Bland and Pig-wig are still dancing there.

Oh. Yes. As I was saying, I don’t know what mountains these are on the skyline.

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