Today, Matthew, I’m Going To Be . . . A Telephone Pole

Buzzard Disguised As A Telegraph Pole
Buzzard Disguised As A Telegraph Pole

Here we have one of our resident Buzzards doing an exceptionally good imitation of being in a relaxed and nonchalant mood. He’s very good at this, as he spends most of his time in a relaxed and nonchalant mood. He’s chosen this telephone post because it matches the particular ensemble he selected for himself today. He has just been to the hairdressers but the wind seems to have taken it upon itself to ruffle his feathers. Never fear, he won’t let his irritation get the better of him, a little preening soothes the soul, you know.

I do wonder how they survive as I’ve never seen them actually catching anything – or even appear to catch something. If you watch a Kestrel as they patrol the roads, waiting for some something to break out into the open from the safety of the grass verge, you will quite often see them dive down from their hover. Presumably because they thought that they spied a tasty morsel, who was attempting to leave the party without saying good bye to the host and hostess. But our Buzzards never seem to bother with this hunting stuff – they are very laid back about it all.

Everything comes to he who waits, I suppose.

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