Silly Goose

Geese Flying South
Geese Flying South

We’ve had the odd V formations of largish birds, making goose sort of noises, flying over for the last week or so – heading in a south-ish direction. Recently they have begun to pick up the tempo. I checked with Google, Google and I are old friends, we go back a long way together, the funny thing is that all he could find about geese migrating seemed to suggest that the geese are inclined to stop in Scotland and wait for the worst of the winter to run its course in Iceland and Greenland – I hope the fact that they are venturing this far south isn’t a sign of a bad winter.

The story goes that Eric The Red, who gets blamed for most things Nordic, occasionally even the Americans are his, or his son’s, fault, was then living in Iceland. At that time, Icelanders were having problems inducing immigrants to leave the comforts of Scandinavia and to move to a region of mist and ice that sounded too much like a trip to Niflheim where Hel ruled over the dead, for even a glossy brochure to overcome. Back to Eric, who had a small problem with the law and sailed off to the west to check on stories of land seen in that direction and where he could kill who he liked without people going over the top about it. When he found land, he decided to call it Greenland.

Spin and hype were alive and well among the Vikings.

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