Early To Bed

Hog Weed - up late
Hog Weed – up late

Sometimes time just vanishes. One minute it isn’t very late and there will be plenty of time to continue to work on the current project. And the next? Well, somehow the time that we had a few seconds ago just seems to have taken French Leave. As an aside did you know that the equivalent expression to French Leave in French, translates as “to take English Leave”. That’s all the explanation of this phrase we need, really. The Hundred Years War (about who was the King of France) lasted for about – a hundred years actually, pretty much until the two sides, England and France, forgot what it was they were fighting about. But, back to the inconsistency of time. When you are busy, time goes faster – everyone knows this – sometimes however, when you aren’t exactly gainfully occupied, not exactly idle either but just not keeping an eye on the time, time has a habit of hoping around from slow to fast to slow again, just to keep itself amused while it waits for it to be time for something to happen. It suffers a bit from Attention Deficit Disorder you know, it just can’t keep its hands and feet still and it will squirm and wriggle and fiddle with the buttons if you don’t watch it continually.

Somehow, it was past two a.m. this morning before I remembered that I should be in bed. So I switched everything off and did my best to remedy the situation as quickly as possible. As a result of the late night, I slept in late this morning, so it was nearly mid-day before The Dog and I stuck our noses outside to test the weather. We wandered off on our rounds, trying to look as though we’d been up for hours. Then we came across this guy sitting by the brown, leafless hedge. He’d obviously been up late and missed summer this year and so was trying to make up the lost time after-hours.

I felt that I understood.

One thought on “Early To Bed

  1. I’ve always said Time is funny stuff. It is also quite slippery and you do need to keep an eye on it. But it doesn’t like it when you do-because then it drags its heals. Funny stuff is Time. I too understand.


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