Good Luck

White Heather
White Heather

This is white heather – it’s a cultivated variety of heather obviously. Real heather isn’t that colour and the good luck that is associated with white heather comes only when you find a stalk of white in among the purple that is the hue of the majority of plants. Like the four leafed clover which can now be purchased to order by florists everywhere, white heather is now so common as to negate any of the luck that it used to bring. Still, if you bought a white heather at your local nursery believing that it would bring you good fortune if you planted it in the garden – it probably will. That’s the way good luck works.

Many years ago (sheesh, was it really that many?) I was in London and making my way towards the Planetarium when a very large lady with a ‘My Fair Lady’ gown and a basket of flowers stood right in front of me and, in a very thick foreign accent, pushed a bunch of white heather under my nose and demanded “You! Buy!” Luckily, I am fairly resistant to high pressure sales tactics so I declined the offer. I don’t recall if the ensuing curse was ever effective but as all this happened more than seven years ago I guess I must have survived.

I’m not sure if it’s possible to compare the negative of the lack of good luck I suffered from as a result of not buying the white heather, with the positive bad luck I ¬†received as a result of the curse, if so we would be able judge the merits of each and so have useful data to access should we ever again have such on the spot decisions to make.

I must remember to carry a pair of dice in case I find myself in a similar situation in the future, then I can carry out a proper scientific study.

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