Buzzard Just Hanging In The Air
Buzzard Just Hanging In The Air

At this time of the year, things hibernate, or just hide themselves away waiting for a sunny day. So you’d think that a bird like a Buzzard, who relies on small furry things to do a bit of scurrying about if they are going to get a snack with a quick swoop, would start to take life seriously. After all, if there’s nothing to eat then you eat nothing. A few days ago, on our way home, we stopped to watch a buzzard being harassed by a large black bird – rook, crow or jackdaw – the buzzard wasn’t overly flustered but it did leave the area. You could almost hear it saying, “All right. All right! I’m going. I’m going. Keep your hair on!”  I can’t imagine that there are young rooks about at this time of the year so the disagreement must have been based on territory rather than nest raiding. Competition for the food resources that the local area can provide is definitely hotting up.

On our way round to the level crossing today, just to make sure that it was level you know, we watched two or three buzzards playing with the wind. There really is no other way to describe it. They would float down wind for a few seconds, then turn and ride into the breeze with wings unmoving, just holding their position, hovering, until with a slight twitch of their tail feathers they would loop off to pick up a bit of speed and have another go at holding a hover.

There really wasn’t any point in this – they were just having fun. Come on guys, be serious!

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