All Or Nothing

Autumn Leaves And A Train
Autumn Leaves And A Train

Just lately we’ve had a flurry of posts showing a picture of autumn leaves or, failing falling foliage, we’ve had likeable locomotive largess in pictures of trains. This paucity of purposeful pictures (OK I’ll stop now, I promise) has even led us to consider the advantages of hibernation. The other option, of course, is to go to Australia, where summer is fast approaching and, no doubt the natural word is awakening and making its diary available for photo sessions, to amateur and professional alike.

As we search the brown and dried hedgerows along our walk for something /anything worth taking a picture of, the sun is now at such a low angle that even with moderate cloud cover, there is not enough light to take a photo of anything that will not sit still. Here I must interrupt this jeremiad to add that there is still plenty of wild life about, only this morning I startled a small deer and as it raced off, it in turn sent a rabbit scampering off in the other direction. A couple of days ago, not twenty yard ahead of me a large bird with long tail feathers shot up into the air and disappeared over the hedge into the wood, calling as it flew. My first thought was that it was our resident pheasant, but its call was reminiscent of the ‘Go. Back!’ of the grouse. In each case, with better illumination I would have chanced a ‘quick click’, to then see if enlarging the result on the computer could shed any light on the situation.

So it looks like it’s Australia then. The only problem is, it’s a bit far to be able to get back in time for coffee, which is an important part of our current schedule.

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