I Talk To The Trees

Autumn Trees
Autumn Trees

Well, we’re back to the autumn leaves I’m afraid. The lovely sunny and clear but cold air mass has passed on to the next place on its list and left us back were we where before. The skies are not low and oppressive but they are grey – or grey-ish at the best.

So here’s a group of trees in various stages of preparation for winter. Soon they will all lose their leaves. Looking round the base of some holly bushes that we pass along our route I noticed that they too have been losing their leaves. I’m guessing that the thing that keeps them looking green is that they continue to grow leaves all year round. Does this infringe the trades description act? Is there a tree ombudsman we could complain to?

I’m getting a little bored with half-clothed trees, not to say piles of leaves clogging things up and getting in everyone’s way. I’m beginning to wish they would just get on with it, turn the sap off and retreat down into the roots in the basement until spring.

I won’t let you oversleep – I’ll wake you in plenty of time.

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