Is it a train? Is it autumn leaves? No its . . .


A helicopter, a Chinook, say – (that’s either a warm wet wind on the Pacific coast of North America, a hot dry wind on the plains the other side of the mountains, an Indian Tribe {First Nations People} or a breed of dog – most people go for the wind).

Well a helicopter does make a change doesn’t it? Autumn and winter are tough times for nature bloggers, maybe we should go into hibernation. I’ve often thought it might be quite nice to lie around and doze until Spring. You would need to set your alarm clock for Christmas of course – you wouldn’t want to get dunked in the teapot would you. You could stay awake until after the New Year celebrations and then go back to bed for a few months.

We have RAF Spadeadam and Carlisle Airport – well, Carlisle airfield would perhaps be a better name – just a bit over Newcastle way from us, so we expect to see the odd aircraft, especially as we are right in their route to the Solway Estuary or the Lake District National Park.

Which leads me very nicely into the next thing I was going to mention. Apparently they are a unit of the Dutch Air Force and they’ve come here to practice. A very sensible thing to do, when you consider that when things were being shared out, Holland was first in line for flat bits and we were first in the bumpy bits queue.

We do have our own flat bits though – Norfolk etc. – maybe we send helicopter crews to Holland so they can learn to ride a bicycle.

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