Buzzard Perched
Buzzard Perched

Here we have one of our local buzzards “busy doin’ nothin'”. This is their favourite pastime. They just love that scenery.

Over on this side we have open farmland mostly grazed by cattle. Of course as the year is now drawing to a close all the cattle are being taken indoors for the winter, so there isn’t even that continual rolling scrunch of cows’ tongues ripping mouthfuls of grass off at ground level and slowly grinding it to pulp. Cows are such noisy eaters, you know, if you’re perched on a branch above a field full of cows it is almost impossible to get any sleep at all.

Over this side we have the valley with its stream and the railway line. We only have two or three trains an hour and they all have diesel engines so they are pretty quiet on the whole, especially if you can get a perch back up the hill here – anyway it isn’t difficult to doze through that comfortable rumble as they go past.

Probably the main disadvantage of a perch up on the hillside is that you are visible from the road. Every so often you get someone come along with a camera and they stand there going click, click, click for ages. How is anyone supposed to get any rest when you have to perch there, pretending to be alert, with your shoulders back and pulling your stomach in?

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