As The Sun Sinks Slowly In the West

Sunset over Carlisle
Sunset over Carlisle

“Quick! Quick!” said Anthony “Where’s the camera. Quick!”

Anthony was up from ‘down south’, staying with us for a few days. I was busy, so I waved a disinterested hand in the direction of the camera. That seemed to resolve the issue so I forgot about it. Time passed – have you noticed that it does this from time to time? Stuff happens and then something else happens and possibly even something else as well. Then suddenly you notice that it’s quite some time since that stuff happened and you wonder if you should have paid more attention while that dog was having its day.

You may have missed something important, something of earthshaking gravity may have just slipped away. Rome may have burned to the ground while you were fiddling with some minor matter which could have easily have waited two seconds, two minutes, or two hours. Who knows maybe you should have put it aside forever? Possibly if you’d only known, it might have been better left undone.

Then again, what would have happened if you had turned aside? Say you hadn’t been focused on that whatever-it-was you were so intent on? Would you forever regret the missed opportunity? Would that butterfly never haveĀ got round to flapping its wings in the Amazon forests?

Would the sun still set in the west?

2 thoughts on “As The Sun Sinks Slowly In the West

  1. The sun will continue to set in the West for as long as the world goes round. Whether you should be distracted from something or not depends very much on what you are doing and what you are being distracted by.


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