Our new home has central heating. So you might wonder why there was a fireplace. Except, perhaps as some relic from bygone days when people somehow, in some unimaginable way, managed to survive without thermostatically controlled radiators, possibly just by wearing more clothes, or thicker underwear, or even by being much more active. Or perhaps by just putting up with the cold because there was no alternative?

My first thought was that perhaps our fireplace was ornamental rather than functional and perhaps we would arrange half a dozen tea lights in there to sit and watch the television by. A quick peek inside, however confirmed that our fireplace was, in fact, connected to the outside via a chimney. A check from the outside showed that we actually have two chimneys, one seemed to be aimed at the bathroom, so we didn’t expect that one to be functional – and it’s not, but the one at the other end of the house was in exactly the right place to line up with the fireplace down below.

Urged on by some long forgotten childhood memory, Jackie suggested that I should lay the fire in the grate, so that it would be ready to light in the morning.

Why light the fire in the morning when we are both busy and with no time to sit around in front of it? Some inner voice suggested that this is not a question that it is safe to ask (my childhood was spent in warmer climes – with no need for fires or fireplaces). So I laid the fire and she lit it next morning.

I’m expecting the Ghost Of Christmas Past to knock at the door any time now with a goose in each hand.

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