Hip! Hip!

Rose Hips
Rose Hips

Rose hips are very useful things – but they take quite a bit of preparation in order to be useful. The first problem is that the seeds are covered with tiny hairs and in fact, are used to make itching powder. This used to be sold in toy shops as a harmless joke – I’m guessing that it is now banned by some Health and Safety edict issued by the European Commission For Abstinence From Anything Remotely Enjoyable Unless You Can Pack Them In Boxes In Units Of Ten.

This recipe suggests that if you make Rose Hip Jam you need to de-seed the rose hips. That sounds tedious beyond belief. If you make Rose Hip Jelly though you can leave the seeds in as they will all be sieved out in the jelly making process.

Rose hips are full of vitamin C, I repeat this, as I suppose that somewhere on some remote desert island where roses don’t grow at all, there is someone who doesn’t know it. More interesting is that there have been recent studies, (small ones admittedly) that have shown the rose hips are beneficial to arthritis sufferers, especially rheumatoid arthritis which is stubbornly difficult to treat in any other way.

All of the above is interesting but irrelevant. The main reason for showing this photo is that it represents the triumph of photography over canine instincts. Just as we were poised to take the picture, with the sun in the right place and no shadow of either camera or photographer intruding into the frame, a rabbit appeared from the under brush not more than a few yards ahead. He looked at us then lolloped leisurely back the way he had come. This was too much for even the most restrained dog and she leapt into action. The lead unwound to its fullest extent and virtually knocked the camera out of my hands. Amazingly, we did actually get a photo!

In the small print, I must add that no rabbits were harmed in the taking of this photograph – however I’m sure their vocabulary was considerably expanded.


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