Too mushroom for doubt


As we are now well into the Gnome-Home season we are also into that time of year when we stand and look at the latest discovery, and we wonder. Is it edible. Is it poisonous. The answer isn’t that important to us in practice, as we usually have a punnet of cultivated mushrooms in the fridge which will requite any desire we have for this delicacy.

Still. We wonder.

I’ve just found and there it was, a picture of the latest addition to our large library of photographs waiting to be categorised and labelled. – it’s called a Shaggy Parasol. Now we often complain about the names that have been assigned to various plants, in fact we complain about it as often as we can. But there’s nothing to complain about here is there? The Shaggy Parasol is quite definitely a shaggy parasol. How could you imagine that it was anything else?

Macrolepiota Rhacodes, Matthew Hutchings says it is. Matthew has put together a very interesting site with all the mushrooms he’s photographed even some that he hasn’t been able to identify. He notes of my Shaggy Parasol.

Edibility: Excellent but can cause gastric upsets in some

Now in my book anything that ‘can cause gastric upsets’ ranks down towards the poisonous end of the scale not up at the excellent end. The problem, of course is exactly how do you find out if you personally are included in that ‘some’.

And no, I’m not going to do that.

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