Woody’s nuts

Great Spotted Woodpecker
Great Spotted Woodpecker

Yesterday we mentioned that the nuthatch wouldn’t have anything to do with the woodpecker. This maybe that they both nest in holes in trees and the woodpecker’s nest is usually larger than the nuthatch can afford so there may be an element of keeping up with the Joneses in their strained relationship – or there may be the darker explanation that we hinted at in the other post.

This one’s a male Great Spotted. you’ll notice straight away that he has a red head and a red rump, he also has a few white stripes. So the important issue then would seem to be that at some point some ‘birder’ somewhere had this conversation with his companion.

“There, there! What’s that bird?”

“Wait, yes, there it is again, Oh that’s great you spotted a woodpecker!”

Why, oh why, a great spotted woodpecker when he has no spots and his dominant feature is the red on his head and the red on his rump?

There must be someone you can lodge a complaint with!

The Russians had their own woodpecker back in the 80s, for those who remember those far off, halcyon days. It caused great excitement at the time, the media seized on a remark by some ‘expert’ or other that it could be an attempt at mind control, an evil attempt to turn us all into loyal communists. They soon lost interest when it turned out to be a boring, nerdy, long range radar. I think that there is still some mileage in the mind control idea. I haven’t done a serious Google but I’ll bet there’s a great conspiracy theory to be spotted out there on the Internet.

Talking about the Internet there’s an interesting link here – if your interested in that sort of thing.

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