A bridge too far

Fin and Jen
Fin and Jen

How far is too far? That’s the question we all ask all the time. Can we make it before that car comes? Will this investment make us a million or will we loose the lot? How much longer can we lie in bed and still get to the station in time to catch the train? How late can we rely on the train being? How hard do we actually have to work to get a decent grade in the exam? How fast can we drive and not get caught speeding? How far can we trek through the cold and wet before we collapse from exhaustion? How many times can we use this toothbrush before it needs replacing? How many bars of chocolate can we eat before our teeth fall out? How often can we read in poor light before we need glasses? How poor can the light be without it harming our eyesight? How many people can you feed with a pound of sausages? Had you better get a couple of burgers as well? How many chips do you have to have, before you’ve had your chips?

How far apart do the rungs on a climbing frame have to be before your Mum’s right – and you can’t get up?

We’ll never know.

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