Mule train

Goods Train At Level Crossing
Goods Train At Level Crossing

And here we have . . . a train.

Well it is autumn and there isn’t much to photograph in the way of wildlife. Nothing that will sit still long enough for me to get a decent picture anyway. As the year moves off to more clement climes, the light – even in broad daylight – so to speak, is becoming less and less photographer-friendly and the little automatic thingy in the camera slows the shutter speed  and opens the iris

The iris is a flag, of course and the Yellow Flag  is busy escaping from garden ponds and colonising The New Nited States of Merca as we speak – a couple of hundred years too late admittedly, but better late than never, I suppose. I hope they weren’t holding their breath over there in the wild west.

We were standing at the level crossing this morning, wondering what the workers, that we could see from our front door but who were not in evidence at the crossing, were working on, when the lights started flashing, the boom came down and this goods train obligingly huffed and puffed past (figuratively speaking of course – it is a diesel, as you can see).

Carrying coals to Newcastle no doubt.

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