Getting back in training

A 'Real' Train on our line
A ‘Real’ Train on our line

Did I mention that we’ve been away? We’ve had two weeks, sitting around doing nothing – with occasional breaks for eating and drinking, which we fitted in around a stop now and again for tea and biscuits alternated with coffee and cake. It’s been a hard slog.

Now we are home and, as well as the long list of things we put off until after the holiday, we have rediscovered the bathroom scales.

Any or none of the above may have influenced our decision to walk a little further each day as we accompany The Dog in her investigation of the surrounding countryside. Here I should mention perhaps, that The Dog went off to a local holiday camp for her summer break and spent most of the time (so we are reliably informed) racing round the paddock with half a dozen kindred spirits, so she is under no such pressure.

When we reached the T junction where we would normally turn back, on this occasion we decided to turn left and go on as far as the railway bridge. Did I mention that one of the advantages of our new place is that we have a railway embankment within easy viewing of the front windows? You can sit and watch the trains. At about twenty to the hour a couple of carriages trundle past on their way to Carlisle and about ten minutes later a similar little combination trundles past on it’s way to Newcastle.

Every now and then though, we get a ‘proper’ train on the line. I’m not sure how they get there – perhaps they’re just taking a short cut through our back garden. Anyway, this time, while we were out walking we managed to get a photo of the rascal, caught in the act – I’m thinking of pinning it up on the village notice board to ‘Name and Shame’ him.

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