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Enuff Gruff

Willy Morcambe

Willy Morcambe


“It’s just me, Willygoat Gruff.”


“At least I think that’s what it says, I haven’t left my glasses up there on the bridge by any chance have I? Oh. Drat! I’ve lost my place now. I don’t suppose you can remember what comes next can you?”

“I seem to remember that I had to butt you over the bridge and I ended up with a headache for three days afterwards.”

“Oh, yes. I remember that bit too, a most unpleasant ending if you ask me. Shall I put the kettle on and make a nice cup of tea?”

“That would be lovely. I’ve got a cheese sandwich and a banana in my lunch box. Would you like to share it?”

“Mmm, half a banana would just hit that empty spot. I think I’ve a packet of biscuits somewhere too. I was saving them until someone came to have tea with me, but you don’t see many people crossing this bridge since they built the motorway. Ah, here they are. As I’m a kind of HobGoblin I always buy Chocolate Hobnobs, you know. Milk and sugar? You don’t mind it in a mug do you?”

“Thank you very much! I know you complain about being bypassed now they’ve built the motorway, but it does mean we can sit on the bridge and watch the river without having to worry about all that traffic!”

“Mmm. It is peaceful here isn’t it.”

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