Sweet Success


Grasses are a real challenge to us (The Dog, Google and I). The problem is that there is just so much of the stuff to start with and then to make things worse it habitually grows all jumbled up together. This means that without getting down on your hands and knees in the mud and slush it is quite difficult to separate out exactly which leaf goes with which flower or seed stalk. Then on top of this the leaves all tend to be – sort of grass shaped and sort of grass colour.

It may be politically correct to be green but, in my opinion grass goes a bit over the top.

This one was quite distinctive so we hoped that it would be easy to find out what it was. As a general rule when you ask Google about plants it makes two assumptions. First that you want to buy seeds and second that if you don’t want seeds then you know the Latin name of this bunch of green stuff you hold in your hand.

Wrong Google – and wrong Google. Think a bit. If I knew what it was I wouldn’t be typing “identify grasses” in, now would I?

But here we have success at last – this is Dactylis glomerata. Does that clear things up for you? No, nor me, but it’s also called Cocksfoot because of the second sprig which looks like the spur on a hens foot.

And it does best when grown in dry conditions. I feel a bit sorry for it really.

One thought on “Sweet Success

  1. Well, thats a one difficult job out of the way, and although the answer may not mean much to you, at least you can cross it off the list of ‘things to sort out’. And there is another important point – Google didn’t off you seeds-this can be seen as a fortunate or unfortunate result-depending, of course, on which side of the railway line you live.


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