This Year’s Colours

Meadow Brown Butterfly
Meadow Brown Butterfly

How this butterfly survived to pollinate another flower let alone live to see another day, I’ll never know. Admittedly, it gave a superb display of butterfly aerobatic ability but it displayed a complete inability to grasp the dangers of the situation.

In her youth The Dog developed a taste for bees. The large bumbling bumble bees preferably. She would dive and leap around until she managed to catch one, then she would shake her head and gasp and cough as it inevitably stung her. I imagine it must have been a bit like eating a very hot curry – spicy to the point of being painful, but very tasty!

As she has matured, she has diverted her hunting instincts towards butterflies and moths. These are more of a challenge. They are faster for one and they are also more – well, sort of fluttery.

This guy flipped and flapped along, inches ahead of her snapping jaws, almost seeming to relish the excitement of its dice with death, making no attempt to do anything except stay fractionally out of reach for almost five minutes. Then with a couple of flaps he soared off to a buttercup, low in the grass,  a few yards ahead, he then doubled back high over her head and settled on a leaf a couple of yards behind her. She dived for the buttercup and started rooting around in the grass trying to find the butterfly.

I tippy-toed over to where it had landed and took this photo – once again we are pleased to report that no butterflies were hurt in this exercise.

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