Sweet Scent


Yes I know we’ve done it all before but there is something about a sweet scent on the evening breeze and the splash of colour in the hedgerow that brings out the romantic in us all. And besides, I have a really good picture I want to show you.

Fats Waller wrote the tune, way back in 1928, and Andy Razaf wrote the words. Honeysuckle Rose became one of their biggest hits – up there with Ain’t Misbehaving.

As an aside: Fats was the guy who was kidnapped, on his way home from a performance, by Al Capone’s thugs. He was taken to a hotel where Al’s birthday party was in full swing. With a gun in his back he was pushed towards a piano and told to “Play.” He left the hotel three days later, exhausted, very drunk and richer by thousands of dollars in tips from Al and his guests.

P. G. Wodehouse wrote a short story about ‘Honeysuckle Cottage‘ in 1925 – often mentioned as ‘the funniest short story ever’.

Although now you know that, I wouldn’t bother to read it as I’ve probably completely spoilt it for you.

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