Naa Naa Na Naa Naa

Blue Sky
Blue Sky

Don’t Panic. It’s still there! Not Lost, Strayed or Stolen – Our Faith Was Strong! Doom-mongers and Naysayers Trounced! It was not the Beginning of The End! It was just . . .  well, weather, really.

Yes, here we have the proof that the blue sky was there all the time. It may have gone off to the Med. for its summer break for these last few weeks – but it is back now and although it may need to do a bit of housekeeping to clean out all those old grey clouds and call the plumber in to get the dripping shower fixed, we needn’t think that we will never see it again.

We, of course, don’t do Bluebirds in the UK – they’re not our sort of thing, but Blue Skies have been around since at least 1926 and we constantly reinvent them to suit our need and our mood.

Ask Irving Berlin and Jeff Lynne

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