Water Water Everywhere

Water Water Everywhere
Water Water Everywhere

Water, water everywhere and surely there must be something to drink somewhere. It’s hard to believe that you can’t even drink a drop of this stuff when there is so much of it just lying around – all over the place.

Let me see now. It’s one and a half miles long, that’s roughly eight thousand feet. Can you imagine having eight thousand feet? It would take you all day just to put your shoes on – even if they were just slip-ons. You’d have to have a least velcro ones – all those laces would just never get done up. Then it’s three quarters of a mile wide so that’s about four thousand feet, well I suppose four thousand feet is more manageable but it’s still a lot of laces. We’re looking at thirty two thousand square feet and there is no way are you going to get shoes on square feet. Then it’s an average of seventy five feet deep, seventy five is three quarters of a hundred so add two noughts and take three quarters of thirty two, that’s, say twenty four so we’re close to two and a half million cubic feet – I suppose most feet are cubic if you think about it, so I suppose shoes must be cubic too so that you can get the cubic feet inside them.

If we say about six gallons in a cubic foot of water that’s forty eight pints which is nine sixty fluid ounces so divide by seven gives about a hundred and forty cups of tea in each of the two and a half million cubic feet, let me see, hmm. . .  there’s all these stones . . .  and all that water. . .

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