Meadow Sweet
Meadow Sweet

Prosit! Chin. Chin! Salute! It’s been going on for years. In and out of fashion and legality. Sometimes religiously acceptable and sometimes not. It’s definitely making a come-back at the moment.

What are we talking about? What has that got to do with the picture of Meadow Sweet we’ve added to this post? You may well ask.

We’re talking about mead and Meadow Sweet corrupted from the Anglo-Saxon or Old English for Mead Sweetener, was a herb used to flavour mead. They’ve found the dregs of mead in the remains of pots dated over seven thousand years old. Because mead is made from honey and water – i.e. no agriculture necessary – some people who like to think that they are experts, see the start of mead brewing as the thin end of the wedge as far as civilisation was concerned and the lever that lead us to be more sociable.

Well, there’s nothing like a good party to get things going, is there?

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